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Chapter 7

You ask Mike the questions, and then he tells them to the lecturer.

Kelvin don’t know nothing about guns.

What? I’m just looking at you. Fixedly. For several minutes. No pressure.

The bosses make you do what the bosses want you to do.

Charles doesn’t have many opinions, he just likes the sound of his own voice.

You’re going to go to those training rooms for actual training, so you don’t really need to look at them beforehand.

Kelvin is asking these questions about the others’ training so that he can convincingly impersonate them after the murders.

It took three years and $1,000,000 to build the room, but it was worth it.

The Resistance doesn’t recruit the most intelligent people.

I will interrogate you to figure out what you should be trained in. If I think you are lying, then there will be torture.

All revolutionaries should know SQL.

It is indeed a map.

Where are you? I can’t hear you over the gunshots.

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Chapter 6

High command and the mess hall. Those are very similar indeed.

Why would they POSSIBLY not want to be mind controlled?

When he won the efficient agent of the month award, Mr. Bennett managed to attend the awards ceremony without letting any of his normal duties slip.

It isn’t small, that’s for sure.

It makes big holes in concrete and people.

It’s the dreaded return of this guy.

Kelvin is not always the most rational person in the world.

I’ll just climb up this mountain because it’s faster than using the road.

Yeah, you kind of are.

Never shoot a weapon if you don’t actually know what it does.

How will she escape?

It really shouldn’t be too hard to remember which ones, but knowing you, you will have some trouble with it.

Generally, from Kelvin’s point of view, if you’re not authorized, you should be there.

He gets that a lot.

Of course! It seems so obvious now. The administrators are in the filing cabinet.

His superiors probably wouldn’t like it if they knew about this.

Gloria de Rodriguez.

The forms might be the same, but the room numbering system it totally different. The letter comes before the number in the resistance system.

It is now proven that Mr. Bennett gives out gear that actually works.

She’s really quite optimistic about this.

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Chapter 5

You’re the best person for the job because you don’t know what you’re doing.


We’re not spies. We merely do everything that spies do, and act exactly like spies.

He’s just jealous because there is another mind controller around.

Mr. Bennett is really quite good at this stuff.

Charles has finally met his match in a battle of wills.

High command: a room with two irritable people in it.

Place your bets now.

It’s basically just a hole in the ground.

That there is sure a hole.

Charles is inherently mistrustful of anything that does not involve him getting shot at.

He’s got all mind powers.

Who is THIS guy?

I think he knew probably they were coming.

The odds of this being a good thing are approximately zero in one.

No, it was a different very distinctive thing.

I think you think that I should think about what you think I should think.

Dominica not law abiding? That’s not a surprise at all.

Claire’s so good at talking that even the obstinate Charles must accede to her view.

Claire is very persuasive in an argument

A list of things that COULD go wrong. That list would be too long to print.

This is an argument.

Generally, if there is a secret organization bent on destroying another, much larger, organization, the smaller one will need to do some spying.

Kelvin is sometimes sarcastic.

Such negativity. This well never do.

Letters can be intercepted.

Mysteriously appearing strangers carrying cryptic letters seem normal to them.

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Chapter 4 – continued

Laws are sometimes irritating.

I have now spoken. Listen to what I say.

They feinted.

Propaganda is fun.


In the words of Kelvin…


A puzzle for you.

Charles has PRIORITIES.

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Gift Exchange

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Author’s Note

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Chapter 4

Lots of murders.

Someone doesn’t like inaugurations.


They just can’t catch a break, can they?

Everyone likes to learn backstory.

Personal question! Personal question!

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Chapter 3

The Boss.

You could probably guess what they will say, if you were that good at guessing.

I can’t read your mind- I just know what you’re thinking.

I like crazy theories, how about you?

Speaking of things that are bad…

Knives are bad, as a general rule.

New Person!

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Chapter 2

Bullets. At a target.

What an interesting idea!

She was getting to that.


Well? Did he?

That was perfectly optimal.

They’re not the best guards.

I think he needs some lessons in stealth.

5% of readers will have seen this coming.

Who’s this guy?

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Chapter 1

I’m not sure he should have one.

That’s a good question.

He was going to kill him.

Now he’s dead.

I wonder what it is.

Well, that was unexpected.

That was a bit of a mistake there, Kelvin.

Aaaah! What are they talking about?

That wasn’t supposed to happen

The identity of Kelvin

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