You ask Mike the questions, and then he tells them to the lecturer.


        Kelvin continued to Dictatorship procedures and methods. It was a large room, with a standard layout. Chairs and tables, with a raised stage to one side. There was a large white screen on the wall behind the stage. The room contained about two hundred people, and one man standing on the stage. He was of average height, fat, although not outstandingly so, and looked about 40 years old. He wore a suit of antique appearance, and thick glasses. He held a microphone in his right hand.
        Kelvin sat at one of the tables. He noticed that there was a microphone in the center of the table with a label affixed to it. On closer inspection, he saw that the label read, “Questions Mike”. After a few minutes, during which more people entered the room, the man began speaking. He had a pronounced eastern European accent.
        “As you all should know already, this is the training room for Dictatorship procedures and methods. If you didn’t know that, you have a problem. Now, I’m going to cover the simplest Dictatorship tactics. Many of you are already acquainted with them, but I happen to know that there are a few new persons in this room. Those of you who already know this can, and should, read the training material and block out my droning.”
        “Training material?
        Kelvin looked around confusedly, until he saw the book on the table he was sitting at. He opened it as the lecturer began speaking again.



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