Kelvin don’t know nothing about guns.



        Dominica was, predictably, one of the better shooters. She was not outstandingly good, as many of the others clearly had experience shooting before, just as she had. Some were more like Kelvin: obviously inexperienced. Kelvin was one of the worse shooters. This was compounded by the fact that the instructors totally failed to notice the flaws in his shooting, and he had to rely totally on their advice to others to improve his technique.
        At the end of an hour of shooting, Kelvin and Dominica packed up their gear, and walked out of the shooting range. As the walked down the hall, Kelvin said, “My arms are rather sore from the recoil on that gun.”
        “What? How’s that? You were shooting nine millimeter.”
        “Assume for a moment that I don’t know if a “nine millimeter” is powerful or weak.”
        “It’s not weak, per se, but you can certainly find stronger. It’s a pretty standard handgun round, nothing to sneer at, but nothing to hype over.”
        “Okay. So I have sore arms from shooting a middle of the road round. This is not surprising, considering that I’m totally inexperienced, and I was shooting for an hour.”
        “More like twenty minutes. More than half of that time was waiting for other people to shoot.”
        “Yeah. They need a larger room.”
        “That they do. Fortunately for them, they have tunneling machines for that.”
        “Indeed. So, what’ve you got up next. I’m off to Dictatorship procedures and blah.”
        “I’m for strategy.”
        “Say hi to Charles for me.”
        “Okay. Bye.”
        Kelvin realized that there was an awkward amount of hallway left. He checked his map. Their courses would not diverge until several more hallways had been traversed.
        “That was a rather preemptive farewell.”
        Kelvin showed her the map.
        “Okay then.”
        There was a pause.
        “Hello, Kelvin! Fancy meeting you here.”
        “Sure, Dominica.”
        “So, how was subterfuge.”
        “Didn’t I already tell you about it?”
        “No. You told Charles and Claire about it in oblique terms. I was never told.”
        “Well, in that case, it was decent. The instructor seems to know her stuff. Once you go there, you will be impressed by the room.”
        “If you say so.”
        “I do say so.”
        They continued chatting as they walked, until their paths diverged.
        “Okay. Goodbye for real now.”



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  1. The arrows on this page aren’t working right.
    Just thought you should know.


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