What? I’m just looking at you. Fixedly. For several minutes. No pressure.



        They split up and headed to their respective training rooms. Charles went to the strategy department, Claire to investigation techniques, and Kelvin and Dominica both went to the shooting range.
        When he arrived, Kelvin took a minute to examine the shooting range more closely. After a quick visual inspection, he decided that the room was roughly 500 feet by 100 feet. There were about thirty people currently shooting, totally filling the available space at the shooting line. There were about twice as many people waiting behind the shooting line, milling about. There were two instructors standing on either side of the shooting line.
        The instructors were, as far as Kelvin could tell, totally identical. They were both short, fat men wearing uniforms, both completely fixated on the shooters. Every few seconds, one would walk to one of the shooters, tell him something he was doing wrong, and stand there, staring at him, until he succeeded in correcting the flaw.
        “So, Dominica who knows all the unspoken laws of the shooting range, what ought we to do at this point, as the shooting line is quite filled.”
        “We get our stuff ready and wait for the next line. Well, in our case, as we came in now, we’re going to be in line number three.”
        “Do I need to wear a name tag or something?”
        “No. You just remember that you shoot after the people who are shooting now. It’s not hard. Or you remember that you shoot once for every three groups of people.”
        “I didn’t mean that I should wear a name tag to remind myself.”
        “I know.”
        The continued mindlessly chatting as they prepared their shooting gear. The second line was still shooting when they were finished, so they waited, watching the shooters and instructors. After some time, the second line finished, and they went to the shooting line.



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