Charles doesn’t have many opinions, he just likes the sound of his own voice.



        “Do you realize that we just, one day, on a whim, left everything and everyone we knew and became revolutionaries? I didn’t really process that until now, because I never really made a conscious decision to do it. I just decided to go check out Battle Mountain, and then, next thing I know, here I am, probably a wanted fugitive for the fiasco at the base.”
        “Oh, yes, I suppose that’s true,” said Dominica. “I guess, now that I think about it, it is rather weird. In fact, it’s really… really… what were we thinking? Yeah, you’d be fully justified to enter into abject terror now.”
        “Abject terror? Hah! No, this is amazing!” Kelvin laughed hysterically. “I just walked in here and now I’m a revolutionary. If I, I the avatar of normality, I the paragon of boredom, if I can become a revolutionary, than the Dictatorship hasn’t got a chance.”
        Charles frowned.
        “Kelvin, you’re not allowed to get excited because you joined a resistance group. This is dangerous stuff. We could get killed.”
        “Okay. But right now our lives aren’t at risk, so I can be as hysterical as I like. If I cared to psychoanalyze myself, I would probably find that I’m trying to avoid letting it sink in or something. I really don’t care.”
        “All right, go ahead. But seriously, think about it. We joined a secret organization that the authoritarian government would definitely kill us if they knew we were a part of. I would say that we should consider our options, as if we go much farther we are going to reach the point of no return, but I think we rather crossed that line yesterday. So, we can’t go back to our normal lives, but there is one point that we can play it safe on. Field agent, or behind the scenes guy? We can request different training, or something, and try to get assigned to something that doesn’t get us shot at. Really, anything we can do that prevents us getting shot at would be good because I really don’t want to get shot because if that plasma thing had been a foot closer I wouldn’t be walking around right now. Well, as you can see, I’m a bit bent out of shape about my injuries. But, that’s what happens when you nearly die. Anyway, Kelvin, what happened to your attitude last night. “We should stop doing the spy thing,” you said. What happened to that?”



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