It took three years and $1,000,000 to build the room, but it was worth it.



        “You are Kelvin, I presume?”
        “Yes, that’s me.”
        “Good job sneaking in here, but you will want to learn more conventional methods of stealth. After all, if merely being somewhere would be enough to get you noticed, you would want to be able to avoid being seen at all. Or, to take a simpler example, what if the person you were trying to sneak past was forewarned of your augmentation?”
        “How precisely do you know the specifics of my augmentation?”
        “I’m the head of subterfuge training. I know things. Also, Mr. Bennett told me.”
        “I see. Augmentation aside, I’m glad to learn whatever you choose to teach me.”
        “Okay. We’ll start with lockpicking.”
        “Lockpicking? I wouldn’t think that would have a lot of applications.”
        “You’d be surprised how many people just use a standard cylinder lock.”
        “I’ll take your word for it. Also, what was your name again?”
        “I’m Marie Thackery”
        Over the next hour, Marie walked Kelvin and the other students through common types of lock, and how to disable them. Some worked on more complex locks, others on less complex ones. After the lockpicking lesson was over, Marie moved on to stealth. She pointed out a wall, about five feet high, and instructed the students to disperse through the room around it. She kept one student behind, and told her to stand next to the wall. She told that student to watch for the others and not let them reach the wall. Then she walked to the other side of the room. There was a ladder on the wall, and Marie climbed it. From there, she stepped out on to a network of rafters near the ceiling. Moving until she was directly over the noted wall, she sat on a folding chair that someone had set up there. Someone had also had the foresight to put a set of night vision goggles on the chair. Marie picked up the goggles, put them on, and pressed a button on her remote. The lights cut out.
        Over the course of the next hour, the students traded off sneaking to the wall, and guarding it. Marie would occasionally call down comments to the guarding and sneaking students, correcting bad technique, or explaining a good, but unknown strategy.
        For the most part, Kelvin’s augmentation gave him less benefit than usual, although he was still one of the best at sneaking. But he was not the best. Those with trained skill usually performed better than him.



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