The Resistance doesn’t recruit the most intelligent people.



        There was no one there. The room was dark and cavernous. There were walls of varying height set up at odd angles, and chairs placed seemingly at random. There was a whiteboard on one wall.
        “I wonder where everyone could be. It’s not like they could be hiding. After all, this isn’t a subterfuge class or anything like that.
        Kelvin walked back out of the room. He waited in the hallway for a minute or two, and then reentered. This time, he did his best to appear to be attempting to be stealthy. He didn’t worry about actual stealth, but to any observer he would be trying his best to avoid detection.
        He walked around the room in this way until he saw someone. The man was hiding behind one of the walls, watching the door. He was short, wearing dark grey clothes and a ski mask. Kelvin approached him, and said, “Where do you think he is?”
        The man looked at him in irritation.
        “You’re not supposed to be talking.”
        “Oh, sorry.”
        Kelvin waited silently behind the wall. As he waited, he watched the man next to him. After a minute or two, he saw the man’s head turn toward him.
        “He’s thinking. He’s confused. He’s figuring it out… now!
        “Hey, wait a second. I don’t recognize you. You’re the one we were waiting for!”
        “Indeed I am,” said Kelvin, standing up.
        The instant he revealed himself, figures began detaching themselves from the shadows and approaching him. Kelvin was not sure how many there were. They numbered between 20 and 200. He noted that one was holding something small and oblong. The oblong holder did something Kelvin couldn’t quite make out, and the lights turned on.
        He could now see that the oblong was a remote control. The oblong holder was a dark-skinned woman of average height and build. Kelvin didn’t have a clear idea of her age. It was probably somewhere between 20 and 50. An instant later, she addressed him.



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