I will interrogate you to figure out what you should be trained in. If I think you are lying, then there will be torture.



        The questions continued in this way for a few minutes. Kelvin felt inadequate. When they were done, Mr. Bennett thanked Kelvin for his time, and told him to wait in the room. Kelvin waited. As he waited, he checked the news on his phone. Nothing of note had happened. Twenty minutes later, Mr. Bennett returned. He now had only one sheet of paper, which he handed to Kelvin.
        “Here’s your training schedule. Excepting unusual events, such as a mission, or post-mission crash, you should be ready for training at nine.”
        “Okay, thanks.”
        Kelvin looked at the paper.

9:00: Subterfuge
12:30: Lunch Break
13:30: Shooting Range
14:30: Dictatorship Procedures and Methods
15:30: Physical Training
16:30: Variable

        “What is the variable training,” asked Kelvin.
        “It’s a flexible time slot when you can do lots of different things. One week you might do some extra subterfuge, and the next day you might focus on bluffing technique.”
        “I see. I’ve got a lot of subterfuge on this schedule.”
        “It’s your strong point.”
        “Well, I’m glad we got this sorted. Considering my lateness, what should I do today.”
        “Normal training, but subterfuge will be shorter than normal. It’s about eleven right now, so you can get an hour and a half in before lunch.”
        “Okay. Bye.”
        Kelvin left. Standing in the hallway, he copied the daily schedule on to his phone. He also used the phone to take a photo of the map in case he misplaced the original copy. Then he checked the map, and headed over to the subterfuge room in the training area.



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