All revolutionaries should know SQL.



        After a minute or three, the man returned with a duffel bag. He handed it to Kelvin, and returned to his phone. Kelvin put the duffel bag on one of the tables, and looked inside. Inside was a set of combat gear. Basic armor, a pistol, and some ammunition.
        Kelvin checked his map, and went to the main training office. It was a room much like the quartermaster’s office. There were tables, chairs, and a counter. Standing behind the counter was Mr. Bennett.
        “Fancy seeing you here, Mr. Bennett.”
        “Well, who else would be in charge of evaluating the skills of new recruits. Well, actually, you know who would be good at that?”
        “Claire would be the best at that. I mean, that augmentation of hers. You’ll get what I mean after the interview.”
        “I get what you mean now. She’s really good at this stuff.”
        “Okay. Without further ado, let’s start.”
        Mr. Bennett reached under the counter, and removed a sheaf of papers.
        “More forms?” asked Kelvin.
        “Nope. Checklist. Do you have an augmentation?”
        “Uh… yes. You know that.”
        Mr. Bennett marked something on his paper.
        “I do know that, but I have to ask you now for the record.”
        Mr. Bennett then continued to ask Kelvin questions, while writing the answers on his paper.
        “What’s your augmentation?”
        “I blend into the background so that you don’t notice me even when I’m breaking and entering.”
        “All right. Do you have any military experience?”
        “Former job?”
        “Office clerk worker… thing.”
        “Okay. What skills do you have that you think would help the International Force Against Dark Lord? Don’t include your augmentation.”
        “Oh, well. Um… I know SQL.”
        “That’s not useful. We have people for that.”
        “Yeah, I’m augmented, but apart from that I haven’t got much of anything.”
        “That’s fine. I’m assessing you to determine what we should train you in. Now, have you got an arrest record?”



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