It is indeed a map.



        “Hello, people,” said Kelvin as he entered the room. “What’s up?”
        Claire answered.
        “We’re firing bullets at targets.”
        “You’re not.”
        “I’m taking a break. The range isn’t big enough for everyone to shoot at once.”
        “I see. I suppose I should try my hand at perforating the targets with bullets.”
        “Yes. You can get your standard issue gear over at the quartermaster’s.”
        Claire jerked her thumb at a duffel bag on the bench next to her.
        “Strange that they didn’t tell me about that.”
        “It’s written on the back of your map.”
        “Wait, what? It is?”
        Kelvin flipped his map over. Printed on the back were instructions to go to the quartermaster to receive equipment. After that, there were instructions to go to the training office for evaluation.
        “Oh! I didn’t see that. I’ll be back.”
        He half ran toward the quartermaster’s office. When he arrived, he found a small room, with a few chairs and tables, and a counter at one end. There was a metal door behind the counter, with a keypad on it. There was a heavily built man sitting behind the counter, looking at his phone. The man did not notice Kelvin.
        Kelvin sighed, and said, “Hey! You, human sitting behind the counter. I was sent here for equipment.”
        The man did not look up. Kelvin sighed again, and walked up to the counter. He waved his hand between the man’s face and his phone. The man jumped up, startled, and shouted, “What? Who? Who are you?”
        “I’m Kelvin. I’m here for equipment, as per these instructions.”
        He handed the man the map.
        “This is a map.”
        “Look at the other side.”
        “Oh. I see. All right. I’ll get it for you.”
        The man walked over to the metal door, inserted a keycard into a slot, and typed something into the keypad. The door beeped, and he opened it. As he walked inside, Kelvin caught a glimpse of the room beyond. It was a large room with many metal shelves. The shelves had boxes on them. There were also racks filled with guns.



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