Where are you? I can’t hear you over the gunshots.



Chapter 7

        Kelvin woke slowly, gradually rising to consciousness. He looked around the room for a clock, and realized that there was not one. He also realized that he was wearing the same clothes as he had the previous day, including shoes. He removed his phone from his pocket, and checked the time. The screen blurred in front of his eyes. After a few seconds of rapid blinking, he saw that it was 10:08.
        “Nothing like a day of running, spying, and getting shot at to ensure a good night and morning’s rest.
        He stood up, opened the dresser, and selected one of the identical uniforms. Then he looked at the map, located a shower, walked to the shower, showered, and walked to the mess hall for breakfast. It was largely deserted, but a few late eaters were scattered throughout. Kelvin ate quickly, and left.
        As he walked down the hallway outside the mess hall, he looked at his map. He located a few places where he might find the other three.
        “Let’s see. Administration: probably not. I would have heard something if we were getting assigned for a new mission. Personal Quarters: maybe. Construction: they might be checking it out. Training: seems probable. What’s closest? Personal Quarters.”
He walked back to the L section, to Charles’s room, and knocked on the door. There was no answer. The same was true for Dominica and Claire.
        He started walking toward the area under construction. As he neared it, he realized that he had a phone on his person. He checked for reception. The reception was bad, but good enough to make a call. After a few moments, Charles answered his phone, his voice overlaid with static..
        “Hey Kelvin! What’s up?”
        “I’m just wondering where you’re at.”
        “Right. We’re in-”
        He was cut off by a loud report. Kelvin couldn’t tell if it was static from the bad reception, or a noise on Charles’s end.
        “What was that?”
        “Like I was saying, we’re in the-”
        There was another report.
        “Shooting range.”
        “Oh, right. I’ll be right over.”
        “Okay. Bye.”
        Charles hung up.
        Kelvin walked over to the training section. It was easy to find the shooting range because there were gunshots coming from that direction. It was a large rectangular room. There was a line of targets along the far wall. There were benches against the near wall. Charles, Claire, and Dominica were all there, along with a training instructor and a large group of other people. Charles and Dominica were shooting, and Claire was sitting on a bench.



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