High command and the mess hall. Those are very similar indeed.



        “Pretty much.”
        “Still, it’ll do it’s job. Speaking of which, it does appear to be 1:00.”
        “That’s the correct time. But, before we all retire for the night, I would like to say one thing. Mr. Bennett knows something he isn’t telling us.”
        “What’s that?”
        Claire told him.
        “Oh. I see. Well, should we do something about it?”
        “Good night Charles.”
        Claire walked down the hall, and entered her room. Charles gritted his teeth, and went to his. Kelvin and Dominica did likewise.
        In his room, Kelvin inspected the dresser. There was a map on it, with annotations, marking rooms such as high command and the mess hall. Inside the dresser was a selection of casual clothes, and a set of grey uniforms.
        “Uniforms! Those’ll make me blend in with the crowd,” thought Kelvin as he collapsed on to the bed, immediately asleep.



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