Why would they POSSIBLY not want to be mind controlled?



        “All right. That’s great to know. I’ll be off now.”
        Charles walked away. A moment later, Dominica raised the next item on her agenda.
        “So, do you guys have a tunneling machine, by any chance?”
        “How did you know that?”
        “Logic. Your base is really large. Large enough that I don’t think it started out this large. What’s good at making underground tunnels? A tunneling machine. Also, you like appropriating Dictatorship tech.”
        “Yes, yes, and yes. We’ve got sections N through Q under construction now.”
        “Okay. One last thing: we’d all like it if we could avoid taking our orders from Kazimiera, because of her augmentation.”
        “What? You don’t want to me mind controlled? I’ll see what I can do for you.”
        “If that’s all, I’ll leave you for now. Got stuff to do.”
        Mr. Bennett walked away in the same direction as Charles. Once he was gone, they all checked their room assignments. All of them were assigned to the L section. Claire was in room 26, Dominica in room 19, Charles in room 14, and Kelvin in room 56.
On inspection, they found the room to each contain an extremely small bed, an overhead light, and a dresser. There was barely enough room for that. All the rooms were completely identical.
        After looking at the rooms, they waited in the hallway until Charles returned. He took about twenty minutes to return. When he came back, his arms and hands were wrapped in bandages, and he looked significantly less pained.
        Claire greeted him.
        “Hey Charles. You’re back.”
        “Yes, I am. And I am less injured.”
        “That’s good. Do you want to see your room?”
        They showed Charles his room.
        On opening the door he said, “It’s not small: it’s tiny!”



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