When he won the efficient agent of the month award, Mr. Bennett managed to attend the awards ceremony without letting any of his normal duties slip.



        “Yeah. But we were actually having a relevant conversation about their potential appropriation of a tunneling machine.”
        “If they do have one, why would they use it for the mundane purpose of expanding their base.”
        “Well, the base has got to be expanded if they want to take on new personnel and they don’t take over Battle Mountain. Also, they might just be biding their time with the tunneling machine until it’s effective to use it. Don’t want to spoil the surprise and all that.”
        “We’ll have to ask Mr. Bennett about it.”
        “Speaking of… we appear to have arrived at section L. Now we just have to find… this room.”
        They were, as Dominica had said, standing in front of room L1. The door, was identical to every other door in the base, apart from the identification. When Dominica pushed it open, Kelvin saw that the interior was also identical to every room they had seen, containing a desk, and chairs, and Mr. Bennett.
        “Ah good, how nice of you to come see me. I’ve got your room assignments right here.”
        Mr. Bennett waved a stack of papers. Dominica smiled.
        “You’re much more efficient than the last person who gave me a room assignment. Before we go along our merry way, I would like to ask you a few questions. First, can we do something about Charles?”
        “Oh yes, absolutely. I was going to bring that up, but you beat me to it. Medical is in section H. Go to room 4.”
        “Sure took you long enough,” said Charles.
        “What can I say? This organization prizes information over members with rather unpleasant and painful burns. The high-ups have the policy, “If it isn’t mortal, it isn’t a real wound.” Of course, that’s putting it a bit strongly, but you get the picture. As long as you aren’t going to die or be crippled, they will let your injuries take a backseat.”



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