It makes big holes in concrete and people.



        “Sit. Talk.”
        His voice was flat, with a faint German accent.
        They sat, and Dominica talked.
        “We failed. Set off an alarm. Lots of guards shooting at us.”
        “You have a weapon. We do not know how their weapons work. We have ordinary weapons. We can reverse engineer the weapon you brought.”
        “Wait, what? Weapon?”
        “You have a weapon.”
        “Oh, right. That weapon. We did get that. So, we didn’t fail after all?”
        “You failed.”
        “Describe the base’s security to me.”
        “We were talking about the weapons.”
        “That discussion is completed. Describe the security.”
        “Okay. Um… right. There were big concrete walls, with concrete buildings. There were guards patrolling the whole place. Lots of soldiers all over the place, wandering around. They didn’t have a great screening process. Basically, “You have a driver’s license? Sign here. You’re hired!” Then again, it seems like the Dictatorship goes out of its way to hire lowlife scum. So-”
        “Less musing, more useful information.”
        Dominica edged backward slightly.
        “Okay, right, where was I? So, they’ve not got much of a recruitment screening process. What they do have is an alarm system based on keycards. That’s what tripped us up. Kelvin thought that the alarm deactivation system was a lock system. So, if you run another infiltration that’s a thing to watch out for. Can’t think of any other security measures. It’s mostly a bunch of soldiers.”
        “Describe the exact effects of the Dictatorship weapons.”
        “It’s not that easy to tell what they do. When you shoot one, there’s a huge flash of light, although not bright enough to act as a flashbang. Then it shoots something hot, which makes big holes in concrete and people.”
Dominica pointed to Charles.
        “You have assisted me. Leave now.”



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