It’s the dreaded return of this guy.



        A few hours later, they arrived back at the base. It was, by this point, fully dark. They hunted for the entrance rock, but to no avail. Eventually Dominica voiced their collective frustration.
        “I know how to find the rock, but not in darkness. It is really hard to find things when it’s totally dark.”
        “Fortunately for you, some people also recognize this fact,” said the disembodied voice of Mr. Bennett. This voice then realized itself as he stepped out from behind a rock. The rock.
        “That’s the rock we were looking for.”
        “Sure is.”
        Dominica walked over to the rock, stuck her card in, and then entered the code. The rock beeped, and the hatch opened. She went down first, followed by Charles, Claire, Kelvin, and lastly Mr. Bennett. As they walked down the corridors, Mr. Bennett asked, “So, how’d it go?”
Charles raised his arms.
        “I’ll take that as an answer in the negative. You did get a cool gun, though. You can rest after your mission soon. I’ll set you up with permanent quarters, but first you need to report in. Kazimiera’s not available right now, so you’ll be reporting to Otto.”
        “What’s she doing?”
        “Dunno. Kazimiera stuff.”
        “How vague.”
        “Well, what can I say? I’m vague when I don’t know the answer to a question. Oh, look, here we are. I’ll leave you now. Got stuff to do. Meet me in room L1”
They stopped next to the door to a room marked D12. It was not one Kelvin recognized.
        “Good luck,” said Mr. Bennett, walking away.
        Dominica pushed open the door, and they entered. The room inside was a scene that Kelvin had seen more times than he would have liked that day. A desk, with chairs in front of it, and someone sitting behind it. That someone was the expressionless Otto Kaufmann. As they entered, he spoke.



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