Kelvin is not always the most rational person in the world.



        He watched the running figures, seeing shots on both sides. One shot passed close by one of the runners. The runner stopped, but was propelled to the car by the other. He watched as the car drove away.
        “Okay, so, probably neither one is dead.
        Kelvin continued in his climb. It only took a few more minutes to reach the right height. From there, he picked his way along the side of the mountain until he saw Claire on her cliff. He walked over.
        “Hey, Claire.”
        “Turn on your whatsit.”
        “My what? Oh, right.”
        Kelvin turned his communication device on, just in time to hear Dominica speaking.
        “Kelvin’s still back there. We’re going to have to go back for him.”
        “No, you’re not. I’m on the cliff with Claire.”
        “What? Where? Oh, right. We really need to get used to these things.”
        “Yes, yes we do. And, now that we know that none of us are dead, we might actually get a chance to… if Kazimiera doesn’t kill us.”
        “Oh, yes. I had rather forgotten about that.”
        During the drive back, three of them reflected on what had happened at the base, and Charles sat silently, gritting his teeth.
        Kelvin started the conversation by saying, “that mission, was a total disaster. We all failed, me in particular.”
        “What’d you do?” asked Dominica.
        “Opened a door I shouldn’t have. They had a lab back there, and I figured, “Hey, this lab might have some interesting stuff in it. Let’s look inside and see!” Well, turns out that they keep their lab door hooked up to an alarm. Should’ve known.”
        “And how, exactly, should you have known that?” said Claire.
        “I could have… well… ah…”
        “You could have ahed? What good would that have done.”
        “Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have known that it was alarmed, but I shouldn’t have even gone in there at all.”
        “And what’s to say that they wouldn’t have alarmed the other rooms.”
        “That’s true. And they sent us in there with no training, or experience, or anything. We could have died. We need to stand up for ourselves.”
        “That might not be so easy to do when there is a mind controller ordering us about.”
        “Yeah. I just don’t know. Maybe we should just leave?”
        “What do you mean?”
        “You know, just leave. Stop doing the spy thing. It doesn’t really seem to have worked.”
        “Well, we’ve hardly started. Like Mr. Bennett said, if you know someone’s mentally affecting you, it’s easier to resist. I figure, as long as we’re careful, and we make sure we don’t get Kazimieraed into anything, we can keep going.”
        “Okay. We can keep going with the status quo, but we need to take this as a lesson. We need to be more careful, because the high ups don’t have our best interests at heart. Everyone else okay with that?”
        “All right. Basically, be careful, just like you guys said,” Dominica said.
        “Talk to me again when I’m not injured.”
        “Yeah, you really got the worst of that, Charles.”



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