Oh, yes, sure. I’ll just climb up this mountain because it’s faster than using the road.



        A group of soldiers turned the corner ahead of Kelvin. He turned, away from them, pointing toward the other end of the hallway, and shouted, “He went that way!”
        The soldiers ran down the hallway, Kelvin assuming a position in the middle of the group. As they neared the end, another group of soldiers ran around the corner from the other direction. The leader of Kelvin’s group looked confused.
        “How are you guys coming around this way?”
        “What do you mean?” responded the leader of the other group.
        “He went this way.”
        “I didn’t see nobody.”
        “But the guy in the hallway said that he went that way… wait a second… where is he?”
        Kelvin turned the corner at the other end of the hallway. The hall ahead was deserted. He ran down, turning corners at random, hearing the pursuit behind him. He reached a familiar looking stretch of hallway, regained his bearings, and changed direction. He burst through the door of the entrance room, and ran out of the building.
        In the crowd outside, it was easy to avoid detection. He headed toward the main gate. The gate guard didn’t even acknowledge his existence as he left the base.
        Once outside the base, he headed for the car. He realized that he didn’t have the keys. Kelvin shrugged, and started walking down the road.
        “Now wait a second, Claire isn’t far from here, and they’ll be sure to pick her up when they get out. It just seems like she’s a way away because the road doesn’t take a straight route. I’m walking. I can just climb up that mountain no problem. She’s not that high up.
        Kelvin walked toward the mountain. As far as he could tell, Claire was only a few hundred feet up. He spent a few minutes figuring out a good route, and then began climbing. The climb was not difficult, and within a few minutes he was a third of the way up. He paused for a moment there, and looked back at the base. It seemed peaceful enough, they hadn’t even noticed him leave. There was something going on near the main gate. It appeared to involve running people, but he couldn’t make out much at the distance. There was a bright flash of light from near the entrance to the base.
        “What was that?
        Kelvin realized that there was now a large hole in the wall. Then there was another bright flash, and another hole. Two figures ran through the hole, one holding some form of rifle. More shots came from inside the base. Kelvin couldn’t see the projectiles in flight, but he could see the afterimage caused by the bright light emitted by them. The projectiles themselves couldn’t be very large, but when they hit a surface they destroyed a large area.
        “Okay, now that’s just unfair. They aren’t supposed to have science fiction guns.



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