Yeah, you kind of are.



        There were bright flashes from the soldiers’ weaponry, and several holes appeared in the ground nearby. Charles fired a few rapid shots at the soldiers, not even attempting to aim. The shots missed, but the soldiers were more reluctant to chase after Dominica and Charles. They instead stood near the wall, firing at the retreating pair.
        Most of the shots didn’t even come close, but as they were approaching the car, one passed by near Charles. The sleeves of his shirt caught fire, large burns appearing on his arms and hands. He stopped, looking down at his arms in shock. Dominica used her trenchcoat to smother the flames while half-dragging Charles to the car. She shoved him in, turned on the engine, and tore away from the base.
        After they were out of range, Dominica asked, “Charles, are you okay?”
        “How not okay are you?”
        Charles raised his arms, showing her the burns.
        “You know more about this than me.”
        “Those aren’t that bad. You won’t be able to do a lot with your hands for a while, but you’ll recover in a few weeks.”
        “Yeah. It’s no worse than getting my face clawed up by that crazy Melvin guy. Still It’s still very painful, mind you.”
        “That’s good. Now let’s get back to Claire and leave this place.”
        “Wait a second, aren’t we forgetting something?”
        Kelvin stepped out into the center of the hallway. There were soldiers coming from both directions. He could not run.



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