Charles, Charles. Never shoot a weapon if you don’t actually know what it does.



        Dominica shouted, “There’s a guy being chased by soldiers. We’re closer than anyone else!” and started running toward Charles on a course that would intersect with his about 100 feet from the gate. The soldiers escorting her looked at each other for a moment, and then ran after Dominica.
        “Don’t do that! Stop running!”
        “Those guys won’t be able to catch him.”
        “Yes, but… just stop!”
        “I can’t do that.”
        “If you don’t stop I’m going to shoot! You’re not stopping. Stop now! Stop running! I’m serious! I will shoot you!”
        Dominia reached Charles, both of them running parallel to the outer wall, toward the gate.
        “Charles, gate guard. Shoot him with your… really weird looking rifle. Do you even know what sort of rifle that is?”
        “No, but I’ll find out.”
        Charles fired the rifle. Dominica saw a bright flash of light, much brighter than a normal muzzle flash. The light was accompanied by a by a wave of heat. Something moved, too fast for her to see. Then there was a large hole in the wall next to the gate guard.
        The guard screamed, and ran away from them. Most of the ambient personnel also ran. Some of the soldiers turned toward them, raising their rifles.
        “Charles, you appear to have a weapon more advanced than any normal rifle. It makes big holes in a thick wall. Oh, right. Holes, in wall. New plan. Shoot us a hole in that wall.”
        “Right on.”
        They veered away from the wall. Charles turned, and fired the weapon at the wall. Again, there was a flash, heat, the sensation of movement, and a large hole in the wall. Charles ran through first, followed by Dominica. Now on the outside of the base, they ran toward the car. As they ran, Dominica heard one of the soldiers shout.
        “They’re out of the base. Shoot them now!”



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