How will she escape?



        A few seconds earlier, Claire was standing peacefully, watching the base through binoculars. Then she saw a commotion near the largest building. Several soldiers were running toward the building, and a few non-military personnel were running away. She was about to speak when she heard Kelvin’s voice.
        “I set off an alarm, soldiers are coming for me. They’re probably coming for you as well.”
        “Okay, Kelvin. I hear you.”
        A second later, Charles said, “Got it. I’ll try and get out now.”
        There was a pause. Claire waited. Dominica did not speak. Eventually, Kelvin said, “Claire, try to get Dominica’s attention. I can’t keep talking. I’m going to deactivate my device.”
        “Okay, Kelvin.”
        Claire watched the base, and saw a contingent of soldiers running toward the building she had seen Dominica, Charles, and Kelvin enter.
        “Dominica, they’re coming for you. Get out of there! Dominica! There are soldiers coming your way, Dominica! You need to get out of there NOW! They’re coming for you!”
        And now we return to where we started, and to Dominica.
“What?” said Dominica, confused.
        She heard running footsteps outside. She started toward the door, but before she reached it it was flung open. A pair of soldiers were standing in the doorway, both pointing rifles at her.
        “Hey, guys. What’s up?” she said.
        “Come with us.”
        “Ah, why?”
        “Someone broke into the lab.”
        “That was what the alarm was, then?”
        “So, what does this have to do with me?”
        “If three people enlist, and within minutes of their enlistment there is a break-in in a restricted area, it is reasonable to assume that they were the perpetrators.”
        “I see.”
        The soldiers lead Dominica out of the building, toward building 1A. As she walked, she saw that there was considerable commotion all over the base. People were running in every direction, seemingly aimlessly. Groups of soldiers were running toward building 1A, other groups of soldiers were running away from it. And Charles, carrying a rifle, was running toward the gate, pursued by a party of soldiers. They had firearms, but were not shooting. She assumed that there were too many people around for them to have a safe shot.



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