It really shouldn’t be too hard to remember which ones, but knowing you, you will have some trouble with it.



        Kelvin went to the nearest door and checked the plaque. It informed the world that this room was for ammunition storage.
        “Nothing to see here.
        There was a long stretch of blank wall until the next door. This one was marked, “Lab”.
        “They’ve got a lab, do they? Must be big if it needs that much space. Interesting. Still, not going to find what I’m looking for there. On the other hand… they’ve got those fancy new technologies, right? I might just grab a few test samples before I go.”
He looked around for soldiers. He saw none. He walked over to the door. There was a slot for some form of keycard in the door.
        “Hope it’s not locked.
        He pushed the door. It opened. The interior of the room was dark, preventing him from making out any details of the room. There were definitely shapes in it, but that was as much as he knew. It was at this point that an alarm went off.
        A loud, wailing siren went off, along with a red flashing light above Kelvin’s head. He heard running footsteps coming toward him.
        “Keycard not for unlocking. Keycard for alarm deactivation.
        Kelvin slapped at his ear, turning on the communication device, speaking quickly as the soldiers approached.
        “I set off an alarm, soldiers are coming for me. They’re probably coming for you as well.”
        He heard a confirmation from Claire, immediately followed by one from Charles. Dominica was silent.
        “Claire, try to get Dominica’s attention. I can’t keep talking. I’m going to deactivate my device.”
        “Okay, Kelvin.”
        Kelvin turned his communication device off. He stepped out into the center of the hallway. There were soldiers coming from both directions. He could not run.
        Now that you know what happened, let us leave Kelvin there for a moment, and see what Claire can see. And for those of you who are counting, there are currently three cliffhangers pending resolution.



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