He gets that a lot.



        Dominica waited. Despite his assurances, Black took more than five minutes to find his papers. At the end of this time, he flamboyantly waved the papers in the air, slapping them down on the desk. Unfortunately for him, the impact from the papers hitting the desk scattered the other papers across the floor.
        “Okay. I’ll clean those up in a minute. Just read and sign these and you’ll have your posting. Oh, where’d your friends go?”
        “Must’ve gotten bored. They’ll be back.”
        Dominica read the documents. As she did this, she heard a low noise. She wasn’t sure what it was. As far as she could tell, it was a constant tone, repeated at intervals. She dismissed it as standard ambient noise. After reading, she signed the documents.
        “Very good. Now, what was your question?” said Black while gathering papers from the floor.
        Dominica started to speak, and heard a faint noise from her earpiece. She frowned slightly, wondering what it could be, considering the low volume. Black looked up at her quizzically. Acutely aware of his observation, she pretended to scratch her head, instead instead increasing the volume of her earpiece. She immediately heard Claire’s voice from the earpiece.
        “Dominica! You need to get out of there NOW! They’re coming for you!”
        “What?” said Dominica, confused.
        She heard running footsteps outside. She started toward the door, but before she reached it it was flung open. A pair of soldiers were standing in the doorway, both pointing rifles at her.
        Now that the soldiers are here, let’s leave Dominica for a moment, to find out what exactly happened to cause these unpleasant events. If you have already guessed, I congratulate you, although I rather suspect that you are wrong.
Twenty minutes earlier, Kelvin and Charles walked out of building 5C, leaving Dominica to her conversation. Charles headed into the unexplored reaches of the base, and Kelvin went back toward building 1A, which he assumed to be the most important one. As he walked, he listened to Dominica’s side of her conversation in silent amusement. Along the way to the building, he casually took note of the number and type of personnel. Most of them seemed to be soldiers of some sort. Some were obviously trainees, others were obviously not. The non-soldier personnel seemed like clerks of some sort. No one acknowledged Kelvin’s existence.



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