Of course! It seems so obvious now. The administrators are in the filing cabinet.



        “He’s distracted. He’s not guarding his answers. I wonder what I can do with that?
        “So, you say that there are these administrators, yes?”
        “Uh… ah… um… yes! Definitely.”
        “So, where are they, like, based? You said that they have these places that they, y’know, administrate.”
        Black mumbled, “No, not you. Not you. Or you. Where is it? Oh, right, administrators… yes.”
        “Yes, they are.”
        “No, but where are they?”
        “In the filing cabinet.”
        “The what?”
        “The papers. They’re in the filing cabinet.”
        Black got up from his desk, and walked over to the filing cabinet in the corner of the room. He opened it. It was, as the desk had been, filled with a jumble of papers. As Black did this, Dominica heard a vague, indistinct noise from her earpiece. It sounded like Charles and someone else speaking, but she wasn’t sure what was being said. Then she heard Charles’s raised voice.
        “Yes, I know it’s classified! Of course it is, but I am a member of the Dictatorship army. Therefore, I can know classified information that others might not be able to.”
        The other voice said something.
        Dominica checked to make sure that Black was still absorbed with his files. He was. She discreetly turned the volume of her earpiece down. Now that she could not hear Charles’s conversation, she resumed her questioning of Black.
        “So, where is this administrator you keep talking about?”
        “You say what? Oh, right. That guy. He’s got this office… thing. In a place.”
        “What place?”
        “Just a second. I think I’ve just about found your papers.”



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