His superiors probably wouldn’t like it if they knew about this.



        The man opened a desk drawer. It was filled with a mass of papers. Any attempt which might have been made at organization had clearly failed utterly.
        “Ah… I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “This person’s desk is a total mess.” Well, stop it! Thinking that will get you nowhere. I can have a messy desk if I want to. Now stop thinking that.”
        “I really wasn’t.”
        The man began sorting through the papers. He arranged the papers into stacks on top of the other papers, forming towers of documents. He continued building up the stacks until one slid off the desk and on to the floor. Papers flew everywhere, the man desperately grabbing for them. In his haste to catch the flying papers, he knocked a different stack of papers on to the floor. He jumped out of his chair, rapidly trying to collect the papers from the floor. Dominica looked on in silent amusement.
        Once he had managed to gather all the papers on the floor into a pile, the man picked up the pile and stuffed it into a partially full desk drawer. He then continued as before, looking through stacks of papers. As he did this, Dominica asked him a question.
        “Can I ask you a question, Mr…”
        “Black. And yes, you can ask me a question.”
        “Good. So, I really don’t know much about the Dictatorship. I only know as much as the average citizen. I figure that this isn’t really enough if I want to actually join the Dictatorship army.”
        As she said this, she brought her hand behind her back, and pointed at the door. Kelvin and Charles took the hint and nonchalantly slipped outside.
        “So, anyway, my question is this: who’s the boss around here?”
        “Dark Lord.”
        “I meant, like, your immediate superior. Like the equivalent of a state governor or something. ‘Cause, I know Dark Lord’s in charge, but you can’t rule the world all by yourself.”
        “Oh, what? Well, ah, thing. We’ve got these administrators who govern and… stuff like that. They’re assigned to… places that they’re assigned to.”
        Black was clearly distracted by the papers, and was not paying Dominica much attention.



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