Gloria de Rodriguez.



        They walked out of the building. There were still few people outside. As they walked, Dominica checked the buildings, seeing which way to go to get to 5C. As she walked and checked, she also talked.
        “Now we’re in, so we need to find out anything we can about this Administrator person. That means talking to people who seem like they might know something, and looking in secret rooms. Me and Charles should do the talking. Kelvin, you can go back to building 1B, as it seemed like the most important building. Look around, see what you can find. Everyone got that?”
        “Claire? What are you- oh, yes. The communication devices. I forgot about those. So, you’ve been listening to everything that’s happening?”
        “I can’t hear anything that someone who isn’t one of you says. The device doesn’t have the greatest range to detect sounds.”
        “I’ll fill you in,” said Dominica. She then went on to describe what had happened.
        “This seems good. Nothing went wrong. I like your plan. Now execute it.”
        As she said this, Domnica noticed that she had unconsciously stopped walking. She was standing beside a building, which, when she looked at the plaque, was building 5C. She shrugged slightly, and entered, the others following her.
        The interior of the building was extremely similar to the last one. There was a medium sized room, with a desk at the far side, a filing cabinet in the corner, and two doors on either side of the room. Sitting at the desk was a nondescript man. The desk in front of him was totally covered in piles of paper.
        “Hi. I’m D- Gloria, and we three were sent here to get our quarters assigned.”
        “I see, D- Gloria. I’ll get you your papers.”



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