It is now proven that Mr. Bennett gives out gear that actually works.



        Claire said, “You’re very optimistic about this.”
        “Well, I don’t really think we’ll necessarily get caught, but I figure that if something goes wrong it might be a good idea to have you watching from above.”
        “Now, let’s test those communication device things. Grab one, put it on, turn it on, and then spread out so that we’re out of easy earshot.”
        “If you say so, boss.”
        “You don’t really think there’s any chance I wouldn’t, do you?”
        They all took one of the devices. Dominica watched as the others all walked out of view. She turned on the device. After a minute or two, she decided that they were probably out of earshot.
        “Hey, people! Is this thing working?”
        “Great. Everyone heard three people speaking there?”
        “Still yes.”
        “Good. For once something went correctly. Now that we know everything works, let’s get this show on the road.”
        Ten minutes later, Dominica, Charles, and Kelvin drove down the road toward the base. Charles parked the car, and they got out, walking toward the base. As they approached the base, Dominica saw that there was a soldier waiting at the entrance. He was short and fat. He looked exceptionally bored. As they came closer, Dominica noticed that he smelled foul. He held up a hand for them to stop.
        “Halt! State your business!”
        “Well, we’re hoping to enlist in the army. Would we have come to the right place?”
        “If by army, you mean the Dictatorship Security Force, yes. Otherwise, no.”
        “Yes. The Dictatorship Security Force is the one for us.”
        “Okay. Identification please.”
        They handed in their fake driver’s licenses. The soldier looked at them vacantly for a moment, and then handed them back to Dominica.
        “These are in order. Come this way.”



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