She’s really quite optimistic about this.



Chapter 6:

it’s too late to add chapter titles at this point

        “That’s it, right?”
        Six hours after departing Battle Mountain, as the sun was beginning to sink behind the horizon, Dominica, Kelvin, Charles, and Claire were standing on the side of a mountain looking at the military base beneath them.
        It was of medium size, a square of concrete walls, with a gate at the south edge. The walls were patrolled by soldiers, although not as many as Dominica had expected. There were quite a few people walking around in the base, outside any of the buildings. Some of these people looked like soldiers, but they were not exclusively so, some looked more ordinary. There were a large number of buildings inside the base, most of which had a low level of traffic through them. There was one larger building which had a significantly higher level of traffic.
        The satchel Mr. Bennett had given them had contained a pair of high quality binoculars, which they were using to observe the base. Along with the binoculars, they had also received a set of earpiece communication devices, a pass back into the base, and fake Nevada driver’s licenses for all of them.
        Dominica was now known as Gloria Rodriguez, Charles as Frederick Richardson, Claire as Sylvia Francis, and Kelvin as John Smith.
        As she had the most combat experience, Dominica was taking the lead on this mission.
        “Okay people, here’s what we’ll do. Kelvin, Charles, and I will go to the base and pretend to be hopeful recruits. Me and Charles will try to subtly get information out of the people there. Kelvin will look around the place for any useful maps or documents. Claire, you’d be great for gathering information, but you just don’t look the part. You should stay here, watch through the binoculars, and tell us when they come to kill us.”



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