You’re the best person for the job because you don’t know what you’re doing.



        “You are one hundred percent correct. Your mission is to join the Dictatorship, and figure out where the regional administrator is. Once you find out where he is, he can be attacked. We’re going to try to capture him, as he’s our best bet for finding out where Dark Lord is. Also, I think the loss of the administrator will cause enough confusion that we can take BM without getting caught. Everything will be in turmoil, so a few personnel changes won’t be that noticeable. Now you know the general background for your mission. It’s time for the specifics.”
        Mr. Bennett switched the projector to a map of Nevada. In the southeast, near Las Vegas, there was a red dot on the map.
        “That’s a Dictatorship base, currently recruiting. You will be given a map with a route to this location. Go there, and apply to join the Dictatorship. Ask around, eavesdrop, look for maps. Anything you can do to get the location of the administrator. Actually, if you can find anything on Dark Lord, that’d be good as well.”
        “That everything you need to tell us?”
        “Yep. I’ve got your map right here, and you might find this useful as well.”
Bennett handed Claire a map and a small satchel.
        “I will say, it’s probably best that you’re doing this now, because you don’t know much more about the Dictatorship than the average person. That means that you won’t accidentally give yourselves away with secret knowledge. But do be careful when you mention the administrator. Not everyone knows about the administrator system.”
        “Okay. Are we ready to go?”
        “Okay, off you go. The passcode to get back into the base is 1-5-6-3-7-4-0-0. Keypad is arranged as would be expected, but inside the rock. Got that?”
        “Yes. 1-5-6-3-7-4-0-0?”
        They left their seats, and walked out the door. As they were leaving, Mr. Bennett called out one last piece of advice.
        “I’ve given you some identification in case the Dictatorship people want it. I would suggest using those fake names for now. The mission might not go well, and you don’t want to go on the record as enemies of the Dictatorship.”


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