“They thought it would be easier not to split a state between different areas, so they had to make the dividing lines less than straight. Those areas all have regional administrators, who oversee dictatorship operations in those areas. This administrator gets reports from all over his region of Dictatorship related goings on. Then he reports to the administrator the next level up. That administrator deals with a larger area, in this case, the four U.S. regions. Then that administrator reports directly to Dark Lord. Now they suspect that organizations like this one exist. I can think of two other potential ones that I know of.”
        “What are those?” asked Dominica.
        “The first one is New Zealand. They were taken over by the dictatorship just like everyone else, but most of their army got away. They’re hiding somewhere in the mountains, and the Dictatorship haven’t gotten around to snuffing them out yet. The other is more vague. I’ve heard some rumors about an organization based somewhere in Africa, but that’s about it.”
        “As I was saying, the Dictatorship knows that this sort of organization exists, or might exist. Also, the Dictatorship armies are spread very thin. They’ve got a world to control, and not that many troops to do it with. That means that in order to avoid being attacked, all the important people are hidden. No one knows where any of the administrators are, and Dark Lord’s location is just as much of a mystery.
        Now we want to take over Battle Mountain, putting it firmly in resistance hands. However, we can’t do that right now, because we’d get caught if we tried to, and they would send soldiers to destroy the town. Therefore, we need to cause some sort of confusion to draw attention away from BM.
        In addition, another one of our goals is to find out where Dark Lord is. We can’t fight him until we know that.
You four are unknown to the Dictatorship. We don’t know how likely it is that they would recognize us, but they definitely wouldn’t recognize you.
        As mentioned before, the Dictatorship has spread their forces thin. They need more soldiers, and they are recruiting.
        These facts kept in mind, you may be able to see where I am going with this.”
Claire answered, “Yes, I can. You’re going to make us join the Dictatorship.”



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