We’re not spies. We merely do everything that spies do, and act exactly like spies.



        Mr. Bennett opened a drawer in the desk and removed a remote control. He turned on the projector. What it showed was familiar to Claire. It was Dark Lord.
        “Ziemowit Jachowski, better known to you as Dark Lord, is, well, Dark Lord. He was originally an officer in the Polish army, given command of a small force. That force was reputed to be the most evil group of soldiers in the army. They avoided dishonorable discharge with great difficulty. Anyway, when the 19th came, Ziemowit seized his chance, and, in the general confusion, gradually fought his way up until he took control of all of Poland.
        He quite hated his immediate superior, Dobromir Kaczorowski. In the Dictatorship’s first broadcast-” he switched the projector to a still frame from the well remembered video, “-that man there-” he pointed to the disheveled man “-is Dobromir. As far as we know, he’s basically Dark Lord’s personal manservant. We’re not entirely sure what sort of punishment he undergoes, but we know it’s not nice. I’m telling you about him because we think he might make a valuable ally. A spy on the inside sort of thing. But that’s actually a fairly unlikely prospect, because we don’t know where Dark Lord actually is.”
        Charles said, “Wait, you don’t know where he is? What sort of a spy organization are you?”
        “Well, not actually a spy organization per se, we’re just sort of a general all purpose resistance group. But,  I can explain why we don’t know where Dark Lord is. Let’s start with some background on that, again.
        So, as you all know, the Dictatorship has taken over the world blah blah blah. They still keep the original governments in place, but you know all that. Now what you might not know is how they divide up the territories. They divide them into areas of varying size. For example, the U.S. has four areas: the Northwestern area, the Southwestern area, the Northeastern area, and the Southeastern area. They’re basically just the U.S. divided into four equal portions along north-south and east-west lines.”
        As he spoke, he switched the projector to a map of the United States with four lines drawn across it. They were as straight as they could be without dividing a state into two different sections.



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