He’s just jealous because there is another mind controller around.



        “Now I don’t need mind reading powers to see the looks on your faces. You’re wondering what’s up with Kazimiera. Answer: don’t worry, because she’s like that to everyone. It’s just her way.”
Claire answered, “I’ll keep it in mind. And the mind control?”
        “Mind control is putting it a bit strongly, but when she tells you to do something, it’s very hard to say anything but, “Yes.” It’s easier if you know she’s doing it to you, although still not easy. Actually, I’ve found that it’s easier to circumvent any mental augmentation once you know what it is.”
        “We’ve noticed that. Kelvin being a case in point.”
        Kelvin sighed.
        “That’s me. Standing over here.”
        “Oh! I didn’t notice you there. That’s your augmentation is it?”
        “Yes. Unless I do something to draw attention to myself, I just fade into the background. Nobody notices me.”
        “Good to know. We can certainly use that. Now, before we get started, I’d like you all to deactivate the GPS on your phones.”
        Charles asked, “Why?”
        “Because certain people are able to use the phone’s GPS to locate the phone, and, therefore, the phone’s owner”
        “Good reason.”
        They did as Mr. Bennett had asked.
        “One more thing before we get started. Charles, what’s with the scars, man?”
        “Those? On the 19th, a rather crazed person with large, slashy claws… well… clawed me. Hence scars.”
        Mr. Bennett paled.
        “Oh… That is… not pleasant. I suppose I shouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know.”
        “Quite squeamish, are you.”
        “A bit, yes. Anyway, moving on, it’s time for me to commence with the briefing. I’m going to  start with some background. This is not directly related to the mission. It’s an orientation thing all the new recruits see.”



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