Mr. Bennett is really quite good at this stuff.



        They got up and walked out of the room. Claire looked at the map. It was six pages, each one showing the floor plan for a different level of the base. She idly noticed that there were three exits to the base, all found on floor 1. Looking at them, she figured out which one they had come in by, and checked the route that had taken them to high command. Using that as a reference, she easily found a route to room B5.
        As she started to walk, she noticed that Charles had a puzzled expression on his face. Something was bothering him.
        “What’s up, Charles?”
        “I’d just like to ask a question of everyone. Why is it that I was up in arms about the mission, and then boss lady says three words, not an argument, just a restatement of what she’s already said, and I shut up and agree. I just felt that she was right, and we should go, but you know me. I don’t change my mind that easily.”
        Dominica answered him.
        “It’s probably an augmentation. I mean, what could be a better augmentation for a leader than the ability to make everyone obey you?”
        “Yeah. Probably. But I don’t like it, just like I didn’t like Mr. Bennett’s augmentation.”
        “I don’t like it either, but, what can you do? Very little.”
        They walked the rest of the way in silence. Along the way, they encountered a few people. Most were dressed in casual clothes, or uniforms. The uniforms were, as before a dark grey color. The people made no attempt to start a conversation. A minute or two later, Claire found the room.
        It was a medium sized room, with a large desk on one end of the room. There were about twenty chairs set up, facing the desk. There was a blank white screen behind the desk, and a projector on the ceiling. Sitting at the desk was Mr. Bennett, now wearing a uniform. Mr. Bennett started to say something, but Charles cut him off.
        “You said that you didn’t know what we were going to do when we started here. And yet, here you are, standing here, briefing us for a mission. How come?”
        “Ah, well. I can explain. Actually, I can explain with great ease. I knew that you guys were going to get sent on this mission. I didn’t know when. I assumed that you would probably get some orientation and training and the like before it.”
        “All right. That’s acceptable.” said Charles, mollified.



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