Charles has finally met his match in a battle of wills.



        After the moment in which Claire took in the scene, the woman spoke. Claire noted that she had a distinct eastern European accent.
        “Yes, we can do away with the theatrics, Bennett. I take it that these are the new recruits. Is that so?”
        “Good. Mr. Bennett, could you be so kind as to produce the forms.
Mr. Bennett, as ordered, opened a drawer in the cabinet, and removed a small stack of papers from the cabinet. He laid out the papers in four sets on the table, talking as he did so.
        “Do sit down. There is no need for you to remain standing.”
        They sat.
        The woman said, “I am Kazimiera Jackowska, the leader of this organization. Standing to my right is Otto Kaufmann, military commander and my second in command. Mr. Bennett has given you each a set of forms. Once signed, those forms will act as proof of your joining this organization.”
        As Claire began to read the forms, Kazimiera said something to Mr. Bennett in a low voice. Mr. Bennett left the room shortly after. Claire and the others read the forms. The forms insisted upon total secrecy, and loyalty to the International Force Against Dark Lord. They ended with a map of the base. After reading, they signed the forms.
        Claire asked, “So, what now? We’re members of your resistance, but what exactly are we supposed to do?”
        “You will be assigned quarters, and given standard equipment. For the time being, you will refer to room B5 for briefing.”
        “Briefing for what?”
        “Your first mission.”
        Charles indignantly exclaimed, “You’re sending us on a mission already? Fifteen minutes after joining, and you’re sending us on a mission. What about training? Should we not get some, considering that we have no experience in the military whatsoever?”
        “Yes, I am.”
        “Well… ehm… okay. I guess that’s all right then.”
        “Now, go.”



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