High command: a room with two irritable people in it.



        “I see.”
        “That might not be the most satisfying answer you could get, but I don’t got the authority to tell you that.”
        At this point, Mr. Bennett was standing in front of a pair of large, metal doors. He dramatically pushed the doors open.
        “Welcome… to high command!”
        The room was large, although not amazingly so. It contained three long, metal tables, set up in a U shape, with the hollow of the U facing the door. There were chairs set up at the tables, and a large cabinet set up against the far wall. All but one of the chairs were unoccupied. There were two people in the room, one sitting at the table farthest from the doors, the other standing nearby
        The person occupying the chair, evidently the leader, was a tall, muscular woman. It was hard to gauge exactly how tall she was, as she was sitting. She wore an undecorated dress uniform, colored dark grey. Everything about her was dark. Dark clothes, hair, skin, even her eyes were black. Her teeth seemed unnaturally white against her overall darkness. She had an expression of vague, unfocused, distaste. She seemed somehow familiar, but Claire couldn’t quite place why.
        The other occupant of the room did not seem to have an obvious job. He looked to be slightly less than six feet tall. He wore an immaculate grey suit. He had slicked-back black hair, and outstandingly pale skin. His expression was totally neutral. Claire had no clue what he was thinking, but something about him made her very nervous.



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