Place your bets now.



        “Okay. You want to know the full PR speech? Well, here we go. We are the International Force Against Dark Lord, but that doesn’t acronym nicely, so we never use that name except for official purposes. We colloquially refer to ourselves as the Resistance, which, while cheesy, does do the job. Other times we just say that we’re Us, and they’re Them. Regardless of name, our goal is to defeat Dark Lord, and basically right all wrongs et cetera. We are a military organization. We’ve not got much, this is our main base, and we have a few minor outposts with maybe, I don’t know, twenty soldiers each. Not enough to do much with. This place is larger than you might think, and houses about a thousand soldiers. This might not sound like much, and it’s not much, but we have a much higher than average concentration of augmented personnel, I think it’s somewhere around fifty percent. Currently, our goals are to recruit more people and take over BM.”
        “Battle Mountain.”
        “And by take over you mean?”
        “Take control of. We plan to make the town our base of operations, as we can’t fit a real army into this base. Obviously, we have to do it on the quiet, so we need to be careful.”
        “Enough about that, I’m sure we’ll learn more later. On to more pressing matters, now that you’ve recruited us, what will we do? I assume some sort of training. Is that right?”
        “I don’t know. I’m not the boss. I’m just taking you to her.”
        “I see. One last question: how did you find out about us?”
        “We have an informant. A person who was there on the 19th, and saw you people in action.”
        “Who’s that? I don’t remember anyone like that.”
        “Our informant wishes to remain anonymous.”



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