It’s basically just a hole in the ground.



        Mr. Bennett removed his sunglasses, and descended into the hole, motioning for the others to follow him. Claire lead the way into the hole. It appeared to be about 50 feet deep, lit by long fluorescent bulbs at regular intervals. At the bottom of the hole was a corridor with concrete walls and ceiling, similarly lit. They started to walk along the corridor, and as she did so, Claire heard a click, as of a camera.
        “What was that?”
        “Automatic camera taking your picture. We use it to construct fake photo identification.”
        As the other three passed an invisible boundary, each of them was photographed in turn.
        Mr. Bennett lead them along the maze of corridors. As he did so, he explained where they were.
        “This was originally built by the U.S. military. It was supposed to be a secret base which could double as a nuclear bunker. Then, around in the 90s, it just got sort of… forgotten. It was a secret base, so most people didn’t know about it, and there were minimal records of its existence. The Dictatorship doesn’t know about it, is what I mean. However, one of our organization’s members was one of the workers who built this place, and told us about it. We set up shop here, as this is basically the perfect secret base. Admittedly, we did make a few changes, like the boulder security. It originally just had a keypad in plain view.”
        Once he was finished talking, Claire brought up a topic she had been wondering about for a while.
        “So, what does your organization do, exactly? I know you are somehow trying to do something that the Dictatorship doesn’t like, but they don’t like a lot of things.”.



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