That there is sure a hole.



        A short time later, they arrived. Their destination was a patch of desert outwardly indistinguishable from any other patch of desert in Nevada. There were a large number of rocks of various sizes. Some of the rocks were shaped like irregular spheres.
        Claire and the other four exited the car, and walked over to Mr. Bennett. He looked at her, saw the expression of incredulity on her face, assumed a knowing look, and spoke.
        “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Where did this idiot take me. This is not a secret underground base. This is a desert.” Well, you are wrong. This is not a desert! Well, it is, technically, a desert. However, it is also a secret underground base. The keyword here is secret. It is not visible from outside.”
        Mr. Bennett walked over to one of the larger rocks. He removed a small plastic card from his pocket, and stuck it in a crack in the rock. The rock beeped. Then he stuck his hand in the same crack, felt around for a moment, and then did something. It was hard to tell what he did, as his arm was halfway inside the rock, but it involved several quiet beeps, followed by a longer beep. Mr. Bennett removed his arm from the rock. A few seconds later, there was a mechanical grinding noise from under the ground, and a portion of desert slid away, revealing a deep hole with a metal ladder leading down into the ground.


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