Charles is inherently mistrustful of anything that does not involve him getting shot at.



        “How nice. If there’s no catch, we’d like to meet the rest of this organization of yours.”
        “Absolutely. But who are these silent observers?”
        “Dominica Hamilton.”
        “Charles Munroe.”
        “Kelvin Jones.”
        “Good. I make a point of never taking anyone to a secret underground base until I know their names. Follow me.”
        “A secret underground base?”
        Mr. Bennett got into the beaten up car, and motioned for the others to get into their car. Claire and the other three did as told. Mr. Bennett’s car started, and began to move. It was headed south, and Claire followed. While she drove, Dominica spoke.
        “That could have gone much worse. Although I’m not keen on this making everyone tell him your deepest secrets stuff, at least we know that all our fears about a Dictatorship trap were unfounded.”
        Charles answered.
        “Something’s going to happen. I just know it.”
        Claire asked, “Why do you think that?”
        “Well, I don’t know. I just feel… tense. Like something’s going to happen. That interview went well, but I’m not satisfied that this isn’t a trap.”
        “The Bennett guy did not think that it was a trap, and I’m willing to assume that he couldn’t somehow hide his real thoughts from me, particularly if he didn’t know what my augmentation was.”
        “Well, okay. Perhaps I am not being totally rational, but I still have a bad feeling about this. What do you say, Kelvin?”
        “I don’t know. Right now, it seems like everything is just turning out perfect. However, we haven’t met anyone important yet, and we really don’t know anything about this organization. I’d say that we should wait and see before we make any resounding judgements.”
        Charles said, “Kelvin, you really just don’t like to make decisive decisions, do you?”
        “Well, no. I don’t. But that’s really beside the point. My decision is still my decision, no matter whether it is the decision not to decide or not.”
        “Yeah, okay. But, next time, could you try to make a bit more sense when you explain your philosophical perspective?”
        “Oh, yeah, sure. I believe that we should wait and see what happens. That is my belief, no matter how indecisive.”
        Claire spoke.
        “I’m with Kelvin on this one. I don’t think that there’s a terrible surprise waiting for us, but I also don’t rule out the possibility. We’ll see when we get there.”
        “Okay, fine, fine. Perhaps I’m just tense.”



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