The odds of this being a good thing are approximately zero in one.



        After twenty minutes, Charles found it. He called the others over.
        It was not under, or even near a T shaped piece of rubble. It was buried under a pile of tiny chunks of concrete. It was a large, locked, gun case.
        “How do you think it got shifted?” he asked.
        Dominica frowned.
        “I haven’t got a clue.”
        “Well, get it open!”
        She bent down, and fished a key out of one of her pockets. She started to insert the key into the lock, but stopped, and put it back into her pocket.
        “Lock’s broken. Someone else found this.”
        She opened the case. Inside, was a large block of foam with spaces cut out for various shapes, sizes, and types of weapon. Apart from that, it was empty.
        “But I hid it so well. They shouldn’t have been able to find it. But they did. Well, no weapons for us. Charles, you said we bail at the first sign of trouble, but you meant the first sign that the offer was not on the level, not that someone stole our weapons. Do we keep on with the original plan, or do we turn around?”
        After a minute of thought, Charles responded, “We go on. Those weapons would have made me feel better about it, but I don’t think they really would have done that much for us. No matter how many weapons we would have, if it’s a trap, we would be outnumbered and outgunned. We have to avoid the trap, not try to fight any Dictatorship soldiers.”
        Kelvin said, “So, basically, we are so dead if we fall into a trap that weapons won’t matter. That is not inspiring. Claire, you had better be good at catching any trap they might set.”
        “I can only say that I will try my best. Now we should get going, we’re wasting time.”
        The rest of the drive was uneventful. They occasionally passed a Dictatorship checkpoint, but they passed without incident. The drive was long, and they took turns driving. Each person had a five-hour driving shift, and then the next person took a turn. After each person had taken a shift, they arrived at Battle Mountain.



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