No, it was a different very distinctive thing.



        At 8:00 the next morning, a car drove out of the Columbia city limits. It was an ordinary enough car, containing three unusual people, and an extremely ordinary one. It drove along the highway for a distance, and then, about fifty miles from Columbia, it turned off on to a side street. It drove along this street for a while, occasionally turning, until it arrived at the remains of a ruined building.
        The building had once been a grain silo, but, during the Dictatorship invasion, had been destroyed by tunneling machines.
        The car stopped next to the wreckage. The four people inside got out of it.
Claire said, “So, we’re here. This is where your stash is, correct?”
        Claire watched Dominica walk through the rubble. The other three followed her. She looked at the rubble, turned, and walked in a different direction. She looked over at the large hole that the tunneling machine had created, walked over to it, and deliberately turned left. Then she walked forward, turned right, and looked at the rubble again. After a few minutes of this, Charles asked her a question.
        “Do you actually know what you are doing?”
        “Oh, yes. I just think that some of the rubble has shifted since last time I was here. I just need to get my bearings…”
        “Don’t take too long about it.”
        “You guys can help. We’re looking for a T shaped piece of rubble with graffiti written on it.”
        Charles pointed to a spot behind her.
        “Like that one?”
        Kelvin looked where Charles was pointing. There was, indeed, a large T shaped chunk of concrete with a spray painted “Lenny” scrawled across it.
        Dominica turned to look.
        “Just like that.”
        She walked over, looked under it, and sighed.
        “Sadly, there is nothing under this. It must be a different T shaped piece of rubble with graffiti on it. Spread out. We’ll find it.”



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