I think you think that I should think about what you think I should think.



        The next three days were uneventful. Normal things happened. Kelvin, Dominica, Charles, and Claire all continued their normal lives.
        Kelvin spent most of his unoccupied time thinking about the letter. He thought over all the possibilities he could, and thought of the outcomes from those possibilities. He mostly believed that they should go, but he was not sure. There were too many unknowns. He thought he had thought of every possibility, but there could be others that he hadn’t even begun to think of. And what if his plans to defeat obstacles that he had thought of didn’t work? What about that? There were too many possibilities. His thoughts continued in this way, on an endless loop, until the time had come to make a decision.
        On October 15th, Kelvin walked to Claire’s house. He, not owning a car, walked there. Along the way, he did his best to appear inconspicuous, while internally consumed with worry. After what seemed far too long for the short walk, he made it to Claire’s. The others had already arrived.
        When he entered the house, they were in conversation. The first voice he heard was Claire’s.
        “-gets here I believe that he will support my opinion, judging by what he said last time. I think that puts up fairly strongly in favor, right?”
        “Well, probably. Let’s wait and see what he says when he gets here.”
Kelvin walked into the living room, and stood directly behind Claire. Claire looked at her watch.
        “I wonder when he’s going to show up.”
        “Who, me?”
        “Hello Kelvin. Why did you sneak up behind me?”
        “I wanted to see what you were saying about me.”
        “I see. I think you know what I think you think, but am I right?”
        Kelvin paused, trying to untangle her sentence.
        “So you think we should go.”
        “Yes! What do you all think?”
        “I think we should go. Dominica agrees. Charles is on the fence, but I think we have talked him around to coming.”
        “Sounds as if we should go. I think we should try to make it as soon as possible. We don’t know how long they will wait for us.”
        “All right.”



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