Dominica not law abiding? That’s not a surprise at all.



        “Let’s go, but at the first, and I mean the first, sign of trouble, we bail. No, “Oh, they just seem like they’re acting suspiciously. They’re really just fine.” Any guards, and we get out of there. And Dominica, we’ll need your stash.”
        Dominica was not perfectly law-abiding when it came to the bans on civilian weaponry. When it had became clear that the Dictatorship was going to win in the war against the United States, she had taken a small portion of the weapons she owned, put them in a box, and hidden them. They were somewhere outside of town, in a spot that they would not be found, but that was all Kelvin knew about their location. She was saving these weapons for a time when they might be needed. Charles was suggesting that this was such a time.
        “Right, Charles. We can stop by the hiding spot on the way to Battle Mountain.”
        “Okay. If we go to Battle Mountain. I think we shouldn’t rush into this. Give it a day or three, then see what we think.”
        “That’s true.”
        “Yes, we should do that.”
        “What if they’re not the Dictatorship, but it’s still a trap, of sorts?”
        “Wait, what was that, Kelvin?”
        “Oh, just thinking aloud.”
        “What were you thinking about?”
        “Just because they’re not the Dictatorship doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not evil. For example, they might not be trying to destroy the Dictatorship, just take it over. You never know. And if that is the case, we won’t have a chance of knowing it. Just a thought.”
        “Well, Kelvin, we can think over that particular idea along with the others. Should we meet back up here in, say, three days?”
        “Fine by me.”
        The three of them got up and left. Kelvin and Charles used Charles’s car. After being dropped off at his apartment, Kelvin microwaved his meal, and then ate it. After some time, he went to sleep.



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