Claire’s so good at talking that even the obstinate Charles must accede to her view.



        As Kelvin said this, he heard Charles’s raised voice from the other side of the room.
        “Yes, I know! But something you can’t predict is, by definition, not possible to predict. You can’t say that you have thought through every possible outcome, and there are none that you can’t predict, because there might be something you are missing!”
        “But you don’t know what this thing is. You don’t know if it even exists. I’m saying that I can think of-”
Claire cut the argument short.
        “Hey! Stop that. This argument is not useful. We should talk about this without getting into circular arguments.”
        “This is not a circular argument. We-”
        “Yes. It is. Now, Kelvin and I have talked it over. We both think that we should go there. I will explain our reasoning, and neither one of you will speak while I am doing so. Okay?”
        “Now, we both believe that this is not a trap. There is, of course, a chance that it could be, Charles, but it is probably not. They wouldn’t use such an elaborate trap for people as unimportant as us. That’s the first reason we think we should go. Second, even if it is a trap, there is a good chance that we could get out of it before it is too late, because of my mind reading. Again, there is a chance it be inescapable, but not a very good one. Now, if it is not a trap, then we should definitely go, right? Bottom line, we should go.”
        Dominica was the first to answer.
        “Yes! Definitely!”
        Charles was more stayed in his reply.
        “Maybe. You’re probably right. However, I don’t like the idea that we are going somewhere that we know might be a trap. Even if it is only a one percent chance, that’s still one chance in a hundred that we we will all die. I don’t like those odds.”
        “Well, I’ve given my argument, it’s up to you at this point.”



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