Claire is very persuasive in an argument. I wonder why. Oh, yes. I forgot who I was talking to. It’s because she’s a mind reader.



        “Now, most of those things on the list wouldn’t be too bad if they were true. All but two are just wasted time, which is not in terribly short supply.”
        “But if the Dictatorship is behind this…”
        “We’re in big trouble.”
        “Now, if they try to make us do something pro-Dictatorship, we could probably figure it out.”
        “Yes, but if we join an organization, it might not be so easy to leave it.”
        “We have two options here.”
        “Go and not go?”
        “Yes, but that can be refined a bit.”
        “Trust that my mindreading will allow us to catch any traps beforehand, or decide that it is too risky.”
        “Well, the trap would have to be one they could spring even if we knew that they had set it up. That means that the instant we walked into that gas station, we would have to be as good as dead, no matter what happened inside.”
        “But I don’t know that they know that you are a mind reader. We just think they know that, because they saw us. But what if they didn’t get close enough to, say, hear any of the conversations you were having? Then they wouldn’t know about your mindreading, and would assume that a regular trap would work.”
        “Okay, I think we have probably considered various potential outcomes. We are not going to get anything productive by coming up with something that could go wrong, and then explaining why that specific thing wouldn’t be that bad, and then coming up with another disaster. So, I don’t think it’s the Dictatorship. I don’t think they would bother with small fry like- Yes, Kelvin?”
        “They might bother with us if-”
        “Yes, of course they might. But they probably wouldn’t. There is a chance, of course. There’s always a chance something could go horribly wrong. However, I don’t think that it is a trap. Even if it is a trap, it’s probably not a trap we can’t avoid. Because of my mind reading, you know. If it’s not a trap, and I’m including any trick by the Dictatorship or other villainous organization in this category, we won’t lose anything but time by going there. Therefore, we should go, in my opinion.”“Claire, you put up a convincing argument. I think you’re probably right. We should take the risk and do it.”
        “Now let’s see about those two.”



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