A list of things that COULD go wrong. That list would be too long to print.



        While Charles and Dominica argued, Kelvin looked over at Claire. He noticed that she was writing something on a notepad.
        “What’s that?”
        “A list of possible things that could go wrong. Mostly, I’m just writing to solidify my thoughts. I don’t think this will serve any useful purpose.”
        “I see.”
        The list currently contained, “Trap. Useless institution. Sends us on suicide missions. Prank.”
        “Prank, eh?”
        “Could be. Could be just a student trying to trick poor stupid Claire and her three friends into driving all the way to Nevada for nothing.”
        “That would be a fitting punchline to that argument.”
        Kelvin pointed his thumb at Charles and Dominica.
        Claire smirked, and replied, “Yeah.”
        Kelvin said, “Now here’s a thought. What if it is the Dictatorship setting this up, but they don’t kill us, they employ us. We think they’re having us fight against the Dictatorship, but we’re really helping them.”
        “I’ll make a note of it.”
        Claire wrote something on her notepad.


Side Discussion



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