This is an argument.



        “Not by ourselves, but presumably, if there is an institution with some sort of base in Battle Mountain, which knows about us here in Columbia, they must be large-ish.”
        “Well, they could just have happened to notice us, and be five people sitting around a table somewhere.”
“Because we are the only people within a 200 mile radius that would do the job. I’m sure that there are others who are closer to home that would work just as well.”
        “Okay, so, we have what is probably a fairly large-ish organization at odds with the Dictatorship, which wants to recruit us. That, or it is a trap made by the Dictatorship.”
        “I, for one, don’t think it’s a trap. Presumably, if they saw us on the 19th, they know that Claire is a mind reader. They’re not going to set up a trap if there is someone who will know if they are lying. If we go to the gas station, and ask for the map, and then I just say, point blank, “Is this a trap?” she will know if it is or not.”
        “And if it is already too late?”
        “You mean, is there a goon squad waiting outside the building?”
        “Something of that sort, yes.”
        “We could just check the area for anything suspicious before we go in.”
        “Okay, so it’s probably not a trap that we can think of, but what if they thought of something we didn’t?”
        “There aren’t a whole lot of ways they would ambush us that we wouldn’t be able to see coming.”
        “Not ways that you can think of. But if they think of something we didn’t, they we will, be definition, not have thought of it before hand.”



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