Generally, if there is a secret organization bent on destroying another, much larger, organization, the smaller one will need to do some spying.



        “Okay. I just felt that there was finally something we could do, which made me very susceptible to having my hopes crushed. So, logic. Wait a second. This is a bit tangential, but someone was spying on us this whole time? I don’t like it that we have some mysterious organization spying on us. Or we have the Dictatorship spying on us. That would be bad,” said Dominica.
        “Not necessarily,” said Kelvin. “It could have been that someone saw us on the 19th, and told someone else about it. Then that person decided to recruit us for whatever thing this is. Then, they sent some pickpocket to plant the letter on Charles. You must admit, Charles, that you are not inconspicuous. This means that all they had to do was go to Columbia, ask around a bit for a person with large scars on his face, and plant the letter. Easy as that.”
        “Maybe. Probably. But I just don’t like it. I don’t like the idea that we have drawn attention to ourselves. You know what they say happens to people who draw attention to themselves.”
        “Yes, I do. And I don’t like it, but we should judge the letter by itself, not by whether or not someone is spying on us, or if we drew attention to ourselves.”
        Charles spoke up, “I believe that we should not go. There is too much of a chance that it is actually a trap to go there. We shouldn’t take the risk.”
“I, for one, don’t think they would bother with us. It’s not like we’re really very important, on a large scale,” said Dominica.”
        “Exactly, we’re not important. Even if it were not a trap, what can we even do? I mean, we’re decent at protecting college students from other, mostly unarmed, college students, but I don’t really think we would be a match for the Dictatorship,” said Charles.



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