Kelvin is sometimes sarcastic.



        “Yes, it is a trap, isn’t it? There wouldn’t really be any hope against the Dictatorship. No, there wouldn’t. I don’t really think that there would be a resistance group, because the Dictatorship would have crushed them by now. After all, if they can take over the world in eight months, they can surely crush one single little resistance group. Then they pose as the resistance group to get rid of any people they would have recruited. I mean, what would be a better way to get rid of potential insurgents than to make them think there was a way for them to do some good?”
        “Nuke them,” said Kelvin.
        “Fire nuclear missiles at them. Blow them up. No more insurgents.”
        “You’re not serious, are you? That would be a terrible idea.”
        “What, really? It would get rid of the insurgents all right. And you said potential insurgents. That means, anyone who could be an insurgent, right? Now doesn’t that mean that everyone is a potential insurgent? Yes! So nuclear is the only way to go!”
        “You can’t be serious.”
        “Of course I’m not serious. I’m just being sarcastic because you’re incoherently depressed. Now, maybe it is a trap, but we need to think about this logically without jumping to emotional conclusions. Okay?”



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