Such negativity. This well never do.



        Charles got out of the car, and walked into one of the buildings. Kelvin waited. After about ten minutes, he saw Charles walk out of the building with Dominica. They separated, Dominica heading to one section of the parking lot, Charles heading toward Kelvin. Charles got in the car.
        “Well, did you explain matters to her?”
        “I just told her to go to Claire’s place, and that we would explain what was going on there, to both of them.”
        “She’s heading there now?”
        “Well, let’s go.”
        Charles started the car, and they drove to Claire’s house. They arrived at the same time as Dominica. They simultaneously got out of their respective cars, and walked up to the door. Charles rang the bell. After a minute or so, Claire opened the door.
        “Hi… why are you all here? Oh, I see. Something important, you say. Well, come in and explain it to me, I know you want to.”
        They entered the house, and sat down in the living room. Charles took out the letter, and passed it to Claire. Claire began reading the letter. As she did this, Dominica moved around behind her, looking at the letter as well. Eventually, the two of them finished reading.
        “Oh. That was… unexpected. So, this is our chance. Our chance to finally do something about all… this stuff, that… happened,” said Dominica.
“Or it’s a trap.”



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